Focus on Relationship Marketing

Apple and Starbucks build relationships with their customers. There are many other companies who build these relationships, to the great success of the brand and the company.  They make the relationship the priority and thus the consumers share the site and product with multiple other people.  It builds and builds as more people build that relationship.
You want that for your company especially right now.  So the sooner you get started, the better it will be for your business.

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You must focus on marketing to generate the leads.

But don’t make the mistake that I’ve helped so many business owners dig themselves out of. They get so good at marketing and sales that their company implodes because they can’t take care of all the customers they worked so hard to win over in the first place.

A business has fallen into this trap if it:

  • Is hyper-focused on new marketing and lead generation campaigns, even though current clients haven’t received products or services.
  • Customers are complaining because of technical challenges, lack of communication on how to get or use the product.